Meditation For Healing

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Meditation is one of my favorite ways to relax and heal my mind, body and soul. I love to do guided meditations with my favorite wax melt going. Sometimes I’ll even try non-guided meditations, but those are a little more difficult.

Guided Meditation vs. Non-Guided Meditation

While I definitely prefer guided meditations when I am trying to speak to the Archangels, my Spirit Guide or just to gain insight on a situation; there are also times that I like to do non-guided meditations.

Guided meditations are essentially a meditation with someone speaking in a soft voice with a soothing tone and they are using their voice to direct or guide you throughout the meditation. These are very helpful to those who may be new to meditation or those who don’t have the discipline yet to stay on track through the process. This is one of my favorite guided meditations.

Non-Guided Meditations are typically meditations with very few words or speaking involved. They usually consist of soothing music or a specific frequency tone. These can be used to relax, clear your mind or even dig deep down inside yourself to find realization of something you’ve been searching for. My go-to non-guided mediation can be found here.

When I began meditating, I had a very difficult time clearing my mind. I found that by focusing on the space between my mouth and my nose helped me to concentrate and clear my mind of all unnecessary thoughts. Another tip is to make sure you have eliminated all distractions by turning off your cell phone or telling your roommates that you need some distraction-free time to yourself.

I say you should give both types of mediation a try and see which one you prefer! A few things that I like to have with me during mediation include healing crystals, incense and a comfortable blanket or cushion to sit on.

What’s your favorite type of mediation and why? Do you have any tips for experiencing the best meditation?



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