Spiritual Awakening

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What is a Spiritual Awakening? 

A Spiritual Awakening is a raise in consciousness and an intense awareness of your higher self.

What does that even mean? 

Basically, it means that you are becoming fully aware of yourself on a level that you’ve never been on before. Your thoughts are so much freer and you might even feel limitless. (Not to be confused with feeling invincible.)

What are some signs of a Spiritual Awakening?
(This is what I have personally gone through and not a comprehensive list. Each experience varies from person to person.)

  • You may have a greater urge to express yourself in different ways
  • The questioning of original beliefs, you may find yourself having changed from past beliefs
  • Personal development has taken over your urges and you find yourself in the Self-Help section of the bookstore more often than not
  • You have too much “stuff” which leads you to pursue a minimalist lifestyle
  • Nature speaks to you more than ever, you may feel a need to live a more “natural” lifestyle
  • Sudden drastic desires to change in many different aspects of your life, such as career or living location
  • You experience emotions on a whole different level than before, they’re so much more intense and can even be overwhelming at times

A Spiritual Awakening can be a very scary experience for some, I personally thought I was going crazy! However, with the right tools and information, you can sail smoothly through the experience and embrace it with open arms.

Spiritual Awakening Tips:
I found that these actions/thoughts were very helpful for me during my time of transition, though you may choose to research on your own to see what other suggestions are out there. 

  • Meditation has become a “multiple-times-daily” thing for me, I do guided meditations along with non-guided meditations. Some are brief, about 5 minutes in length, whereas others may be up to a few hours long. (Just search “guided meditation” on the web and you’ll find some great ones!)
  • Positive self-talk and affirmations helps out tremendously for the negative energy when it attempts to overtake you. I talk to myself like I talk to my plants. (Great job, keep up the great work, you’re doing the best you can, etc.)
  • Grounding is another technique you can use which helps out with most anxieties you have about the situation.
  • Yoga (I usually do multiple 10 minute sessions a day) is a great way to stay active and keep your mind preoccupied so you don’t feel so overwhelmed or feed into the negative emotions/energy. Yoga With Adriene is the bomb-diggity. (Note: You personally may not experience negative emotions or negative energy but occasionally my sadness, depression or anger becomes elevated and is a little more than I can handle.)
  • Talking to a Higher Power has proven very helpful for me to connect on a higher spiritual level. You may chose to pray or just to talk to your personal Higher Power. (Note: This varies from person to person based on beliefs.)
  • Writing on a blog or in a journal is a great mechanism to use to record your thoughts, experiences and track your progress through the Spiritual Awakening process. (Here are a few cute ones that are on my list of journals to buy: Self-Exploration Journal, Twilight Garden Journal and 4 Notebook Set.)
  • Essential oils can also help ground you during those moments of heightened emotions. (You can find my post on Essential Oils for anxiety here.)

My personal favorite items from the list above include journaling, meditation, yoga and the use of essential oils. I find that these are often the most helpful in the process of change.

Don’t let this amazing transition scare you, it is unique for everybody and ultimately will help you to understand yourself better than ever.

Have you experienced or are you currently experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your transformation!



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