My Tarot Deck Arrived!

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My adorable, little Tarot Deck arrived yesterday! (Thank you Amazon 2 day shipping!) I mentioned in this post that it was small in size, but it is actually slightly smaller than I originally thought. That’s not a problem though because I have small hands. Honestly, it’s perfect in size for me. It is the exact same size as a playing card. (I think.) It came in a nice little tin (pictured below) but once I get a Tarot Card Bag to store the cards in I’m going to use the tin to plant some small flowers in. Or maybe succulents, I haven’t decided just yet.

I used the cards to do a few readings on myself and, from what I can tell, they’re very accurate. At least they are as far as the past and present goes. I wrote down the cards, symbols and meanings so that I can see if the future cards predict what happens. I will keep you guys updated!

I love the traditional pictures on the cards, it makes me feel more connected to the past Tarot Readers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the modern card designs like this one, but there’s just something about the older style that I’m drawn to. I have always been drawn to older things, vintage things, antiques. I love them. There’s so much history to be found in older items. Everything has a story to tell. Do you prefer older-style Tarot Cards or do you like the modern designs better? Why do you think that is?



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