Herbal Tea

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Growing up, I hated tea of all kinds. Sweet tea, herbal tea, green tea, black tea, you name it! It wasn’t until High School when I began liking sweet tea. I live in the South so we put insane amounts of sugar in our tea and that’s the only way I would drink it.

As I got older I decided I needed to become healthier so I was determined to drink hot tea instead of coffee with cream and sugar. I tried so many different types of tea, but no matter which flavor it was I hated it. Eventually, I got around to trying a Spiced Chai and Citrus blend from Teavana and oh my goodness, it was heaven! It had the perfect amount of spice, citrus and sweetness. After that I started trying other flavors and I learned that most teas taste how they smell (for the most part.) So I would use my nose to determine which tea I would try next.

Within a few months of trying Chai, I fell in love with green tea, black tea, herbal tea and even floral teas such as Hibiscus. I think my favorite tea of all is Moroccan Mint with honey. It is so minty and just tastes absolutely amazing. I’m really stoked because I ordered Moroccan Mint plant seeds so I’ll be able to steep home-grown tea leaves and use my Stevia leaves to sweeten it! (You can see all of the plants and seeds that I have purchased/ordered in this post.) I’m sure it’ll be a little different not using honey or sweetener in my tea, but I bet the Stevia will give it such a fresh flavored sweetness.

Currently, I am drinking a Minty Green Tea so help soothe my bellyache. Oftentimes, tea is my go-to for colds, bellyaches, headaches, metabolism boosters, to put me to sleep or to increase my energy. (This is a really awesome tea sampler pack that I’ve had my eye on for quite some time. I love the wooden chest that it comes in too! Eventually I’ll buy it, hehe.)

So tell me, what’s your favorite tea and why? Do you drink it for taste or for the natural healing properties that it has? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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