Wilting Plants, Oh No!

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My poor little plant babies are wilting!

Oh no! 😦

I previously mentioned that my plant babies were not looking the best and it doesn’t look like they’re getting any better. They’ve actually gotten worse over the last few hours. I’m really upset about it because I want my plant babies to grow and thrive, not suffer and wilt.

I made the decision to move them outside to the walled-in patio, hopefully the high temperatures and amount of humidity will not kill them. If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to invest in a grow light. (I have been looking at this one because both lamp heads have their own on/off switch and it says that they light up quite a bit of space.)

I’m really hoping that the plants being on the patio will help them flourish so that I don’t have to purchase a grow lamp. If I have to though, I will, I don’t want my plant babies to die!

In your experience, have small LED Grow Lamps helped out your plants when they weren’t getting enough sunlight? Let me know in the comments!





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