Drying Herbs

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When I was planting my herbs the other day, a few leaves fell off and a few leaves looked like they were beginning to dry out, so I decided to dry them. I don’t have a fancy dehydrator or a wire baking rack, so I just hung them up with a thumbtack on the wall until they were mostly dry and then laid them down to finish drying.

The first two from the top are Stevia, the bottom left is Pineapple Sage, the top right is Bee Balm and the bottom right is Lemon Thyme. While this is definitely not enough herbs to make a tea, soap or any other product, it is a great lesson in drying herbs in tiny amounts. I plan on storing the dried herbs in [repurposed] glass containers/jars to preserve their flavor and scent. I have four glass containers of different sorts labeled with each of the herb names. The only one that I am missing is the Garden Sage, but that one hasn’t needed to be pruned nor have any leaves fallen off.

UPDATE: Most of the herbs are looking a little better now that they are outside on the patio, however Garden Sage is looking very droopy. I read online that it could be because it isn’t getting enough water to withstand the high temperature and humidity so I watered it lightly in hopes that it would perk up. We decided that if my plant babies do not look better in a couple of days we would purchase an indoor grow light. (This is the one that I’m still looking at.)

Have you ever had any bad luck with your [mostly or completely] indoor herb garden? If so, what tips do you have for me? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!



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