Essential Oils For Anxiety


Lately, I have been using a tiny bottle of essential oils for anxiety, since I’ve come off my anxiety medications. And it is actually helping quite a bit! While it is definitely not a replacement for the anxiety meds, it is certainly reducing the anxiousness that I get during the day. It helps me to mellow out and calm down just enough to take the edge off of things. I have been putting the anxiety mixture of essential oils on my wrists and wafting the scent up to my nose every couple of minutes.

I am not sure what brand or even what scent(s) it is, but it smells like there’s some lavender, rosemary and lemon of some sort in it. It smells heavenly! I received it as a Christmas gift and never thought to ask what scent(s) it was. It is in a very small unlabeled amber-colored bottle.

I am excited that it is helping, it could just be in my mind though. Regardless, it is helping me and that’s all that matters.

What are your favorite essential oils to use and what do you use them for? Leave me a comment!



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